iowanThe Iowa Secularists is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating a community of people who believe that the truths of the world can be discovered through logic and reason rather than through blind faith or superstitions. If you are familiar with secularism, we hope you will find something of interest at If you are new to secularism, please explore our site-we hope you will learn something new. We have selected the material in this site based on the principle of raising awareness to issues that are important to secularists.

Founded in Iowa City, Iowa in January, 2004, the Iowa Secularists is an organization of non-religious persons committed to advancing the interests and public understanding of secularism through service and activism. The Iowa Secularists endeavor to create a community of people and ideas for the advancement of secularism in Iowa.


The Iowa Secularists hold the following missions as their primary objectives:

  • To create a community of persons who believe that the truths of the world can be found through logic, reason and science, and who reject religion, mysticism and superstition as a means of explaining the world around us.
  • To promote activism and exchange of ideas important to secularists.
  • To make positive contributions to our communities through service and involvement in order to improve the public awareness and opinion of secularism.


The Iowa Secularists maintain the following statements as the foundation of our beliefs:

  • Maintaining the separation of church and state is necessary for the preservation of free thought and civil liberties.
  • Scientific inquiry and logical reasoning are the only valid means of establishing the truths of our world.
  • Moral ethics are the product of our social contract, not the products of religious doctrine.
  • The free exchange of ideas contributes to and expands our global knowledge base and ultimately leads to the improvement of the human condition.

Success in will require persistence and participation. The forces that oppose reason are stronger than ever. We need your help to meet our goals. Here are just a few things you can do to help the Iowa Secularists have a great.

  • Tell others about our organization and encourage their participation
    We have greater power in numbers and we continue to grow! Do you know someone who might be interested in our group? Invite them to check out our website and encourage their participation.
  • Share your thoughts and ideas
    Let us know what is on your mind. The more we communicate the more influence we will have in Iowa.
  • Contribute to the Iowa Secularist Operating Fund
    Contributions to help keep the Iowa Secularists going. Your contribution, however large or small, helps pay for the website and Forum, stationery for communicating with elected officials and local newspapers, and marketing materials. All human resources are donated by members.

Together we can improve the standing of the religion-free worldview in Iowa. Our growth in is a testament to the power of reason and this will be an important year. Help us help you protect your freedom of conscience and the Wall of Separation. Get involved with the Iowa Secularists and help us grow!